Jodi Sedlock on Bat Catching (Case Study No. 8)

She started out an art student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but ended up studying bats as a scientist.  A fateful internship at the Field Museum in Chicago where she was given the charge of drawing a chipmunk penis and rat feet lead Professor Jodi Sedlock to bats as subject matter. As an associate professor of biology at Lawrence University, she believes that "by drawing it, we get to know it." In her biology courses, she often requires students to draw the parts of dissected specimens to learn them. Since 1996, she has traveled to the Philippines to identify the vast number of bat species making the archipelago a "hot spot" of bat species diversity. Her field work mixes photography, drawing, sound recording, and video to create "bat portraits" (see example left) that help humans understand the delicacy of creatures and their habitat.

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