Abigail Disney Case Study (No. 5)

Don't let the Disney name distract you. Abigail Disney (grandniece of Walt) produced Pray the Devil Back to Hell, a 2008 film directed by Gina Reitcker (whose credits include editing Michael Moore's "Roger and Me" and producing the PBS series WIDE ANGLE) with Kirsten Johnson as Director of Photography (whose cinematography is included in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" and other Academy and Emmy-winning documentaries). Disney, an activist and philanthropist, chose to make her first film a documentary about the impact of the non-violent resistance of the women of Liberia.  They camped out praying, chanting with handmade signs calling for peace, printed peace t-shirts and threatened to strip naked in public (a cultural taboo that spoke volumes) to communicate their message of peace through the media and on the ground to leadership and world. Disney has amplified their actions in her film and will deliver a convocation titled Peace is Loud on Thursday, January 28 at 11:10 at Lawrence University Chapel.

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