Nicolas Bourriaud and The Radicant

"The last continent to be discovered is time" -- NB

The facebook Altermodern Quiz says we're "hanging on to the last Millenium" because our music comes in inches. How could we give up our collection of vintage vinyl in order to be fully 21st century Altermodern? Ananda Shankar's cover of Jumping Jack Flash? Xavier Cugat and his Rumbas or Klaus Nomi singing arias? The Altermodern Manifesto proclaims Post Modernism dead. Thank you. Through these social-networking and branding antics promoting last year's Altermodern exhibition at the Tate, curator Nicolas Bourriaud sought to "share an artistic and theoretic moment" with the artists in the show. He also authored The Radicant as a way to articulate the theory informing the exhibition and to "create a space for dialog" about "inventing this new modernity, which is global from scratch."

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